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AMI Surgery – Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Center for Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery (AMI Surgery) is a surgical practice that specializes in bringing patients the latest in advanced surgical care.

AMI Hernia & Reflux Center

We provide expert surgical care in a comfortable, modern environment. Rather than the impersonal quality of a hospital, you will experience a level of care, expertise and service to help achieve a best-case outcome.

AMI Weight Loss Center

Our goal is to help patients begin a new life by achieving long lasting weight loss, reducing life-threatening risk factors, improving self-esteem, enhancing daily activities, and thus improving overall health.

AMI Veins Center

There are two primary types of vein conditions—both of which are indicative of some level of underlying venous insufficiency. Spider veins are tangled groups of tiny blood vessels just under the skin’s surface that resemble spider webs, hence their name.

AMI Bareskin

AMI Bareskin Aesthetics and MedSpa bridges the gap between the practice of medicine and spa therapies in one treatment center. With our personalized service and effective treatments designed for both women and men, you’ll leave seeing visible results.

AMI Hydration – I.V. Nutrition

I.V. Vitamin & Nutrition maximizes the delivery of the essential nutrients that are required for our bodies to function optimally. With I.V. administration, these critical nutrients bypass the digestive system and directly access the bloodstream where they can be completely absorbed and utilized.